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Sam Robertson,
at your service.


Podcast Production Support Specialist 
based in Tulsa, OK

From guest prospecting to social media management and everything in between. As you know, podcasting is more than meets the eye.


You created your show because you have something to say, not to spend your time bogged down with a long to-do list.

If I don't know it, I know I can learn it.

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How Can I Help?

Guest Management

Identifying ideal guests, managing outreach, briefing them on the interview process, and finding a time to record (then finding a new time to record when they cancel)

can take a lot of bandwidth.


From initial prospecting to following up after the episode is live, just give me the

parameters and I'll take care of the rest.

Experience: Funding and Disrupting, Learn From People Who Lived It

Show Notes & Transcription

Whether you're interested in more accessible content for listeners or improving SEO, having accurate show notes and transcriptions will take your show to the next level.

Links to your guest profiles and referenced material enrich the audience experience and I know you're tired of having to proofread the AI transcriptions. 


Experience: Funding and Disrupting, Learn From People Who Lived It, Marketing Today

Post Production Management

The job isn't done after the interview. I'm here to make sure nothing falls through the cracks between editing, uploading, publishing, and promotion through email lists and social media.

Experience: Funding and Disrupting, Marketing Today

Not Seeing What Your Looking For?

If I don't know it, I know I can learn it!

Email me with what your ideas and we can talk through it togther.


Current and Past
Podcast Clients

Post Production Management and Show Notes

Guest Management and Show Notes



Questions? Comments? Compliments?

I want to hear what you're thinking!

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